The SZPAK Comedy Festival is the biggest comedy event in Szczecin and in the region of Western

Pomerania, as well as one of the most important showcases of this genre in Poland. It is also the first

festival to include such a wide spectre of genres and performance techniques widely described as

comedy – from traditional cabaret through theatre, pantomime, music and film to new forms:

improvisation and stand up.


The festival has been organised every year since 2007 by the association Winda Kreatywnych. This

year the 10th anniversary edition will be held. The biggest stars of Polish scene participated in nine

previous festivals in Szczecin; the audience could meet them during meetings with authors and watch

them onstage along the jury of the festival who judged young authors competition shows. Amongst

the guests of the festival there were: Andrzej Grabowski, Jan Frycz, Jan Peszek, Szymon Majewski,

Robert Gorski, Abelard Giza, Tomasz Jachimek, Zenon Laskowik, Maria Czubaszek and many others

well-known and recognised Polish artists.


This event includes a competition for young authors groups and soloists from the whole country –

amateur movement authors and premiere acts – as well as presentations of the most interesting

comedy techniques out of the competition, performances by well-known artists and workshop and

animation activities for local communities.


The SZPAK Comedy Festival plays a big part in the development of amateur and professional comedy

scene and one of its main goals is increasing competences and skills of the new acts and leading

them towards participation and co-creation of the professional scene.


The SZPAK is a project that aims to develop collaboration between a few organisations, institutes and

private subjects, as well as increasing their potential. The project is also based upon the involvement

of several volunteers whose work along with artistic activities give the festival its final shape and

unique atmosphere.